• Oliver Averill

Going Full Time

I've recently taken the scary decision to go full time with illustration, having left a full time job in a factory with a decent, stable wage. All this comes after being contacted by and joining the brilliant Bright Agency. Since joining they have managed to get me some pretty fantastic jobs that are quite career boosting. However, I can't help but feel I'm in the deep end. Ever since leaving Falmouth University I have pretty much begged the universe to let me illustrate full time. I struggled in the years after University, Doubting my style, changing my style, almost giving up entirely for lack of faith in myself. Then BOOM! Within weeks of joining Bright, I'm getting big projects come through left, right and centre and I am so happy and grateful. But with leaving a stable job with a stable wage, I can't help but worry. Money, stability, If i'm good enough are things that creep into my mind. I think it's only natural to have worries when embarking on a new adventure, especially when that adventure is the thing you wanted most. It all seems to have come together, after so much heartache. All I can do now is everything that I wanted to do, work hard and do the best I can on the projects given to me and be able to finally make a living doing what I love.

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